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Visitor from South Africa

This Saturday, 9th June, we will hopefully be able to welcome a good friend of mine who will visit us for a while. His name is Qetelo Sabasaba, but his English name is Terence. Terence comes from the Township of Lwandle, from an area called Nomzamo in the Western Cape of South Africa. He has been cared for by his mother in their little dwelling there. This area was part of my parish while I was parish priest there and it was probably the most rewarding time of my life ministering to the wonderful people of this area.

Unfortunately, it has become a very rough area, with violence an everyday occurrence. It is not easy for young people to live there, under the constant threat of violence.

Terence is one of a number of “my” students and I have been supporting him during his studies in IT at the University of Stellenbosch, as this would be an impossible task for his family.

I hope we can give him a great welcome and I hope that he will enjoy his time with us.

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