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In the Diocese of Ferns, to which our parish belongs, the clergy do not get a weekly or monthly salary, paid by the diocese. The clergy are paid through the contributions of the parishioners who attend Sunday services. The basket collection is the priest's weekly "wage", and  I would like to thank the parishioners here in Saint Peter's for their generosity and support.


Recently, however, the weekly collections have decreased dramatically. Many people do not always have physical cash on hand when the collections are taken up, and this is understandable. However, no matter how you look at it, 5 cent coins do not go very far, and I am always surprised by how many bronze coins turn up in the collection basket. At least once a month I get a miraculous medal in the collection box as well. Unfortunately, the miracle hasn't worked yet, but a big thank you to the person who puts in the medal! The thought counts!


It is now possible for you to give your donation by using your credit or debit card online. The connection is safe and secure. Just click on the DONATE button to come to our secure server for payments. Even if you do not have the possibility to attend a Sunday Mass, you can still donate your weekly contribution to support your priest. I really appreciate your kindness and generosity. Thank you!

"You shall not muzzle an ox when it treads out the grain.”

Deuteronomy 25:4

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