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Religious Services

The main purpose of any parish is to worship God as a living community of faith.

According to the norms of the diocese, all couples who intend to marry are required to give at least 6 month's notice to the priest and and also follow the norms as laid down by Church Law. Please contact the parish for more details.


Parents who would like to have their children baptised, are requested to contact the local priest in the parish for more details.

Times of Masses

The normal times of Masses are as follows:

Tuesdays - 7.30 PM

Wednesdays - 9.30 AM

Thursdays - 9.30 AM

Fridays - 9.30 AM

Saturdays - 7.30 PM

Sundays - 8 AM & 10.15 AM

If these times have changed, you will find the relevant information about mass schedules by clicking on the button below.

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