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The logo for this project “Walk in my Shoes”, is a simple footprint, but if you look carefully you will see that it is the image of Jesus who bows down to carry children on his back

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Blomvlei Primary School

Blomvlei Primary School is a small school situated in Cape Town, South Africa. The area where the school mis situated is a sub-economic suburb known as Hanover Park, on the Cape Flats. This residential area, originally an extensive wetlands and farming area, was created to house the last residents of the former “District Six”, who were relocated here as a result of forced removals under the Apartheid-government.

This school serves a disadvantaged community that is riddled with poverty and the social evils that often accompany it, like gangsterism, domestic violence and child abuse. Most of the children at Blomvlei Primary come from homes where unemployment is rife and the Child Support Grant is often the only income in the family. This Grant (420 Rand, or about €25 per month) is usually spent on the more pressing needs in households, and, being a fee-paying school, parents find it difficult to find money for school fees.

Unfortunately, the school is often targeted by vandals on a regular basis, compelling the school to redirect hard earned funds from teaching children to costly repairs. This has a huge impact on the school’s financial situation, impacting the school’s ability and possibility to advance pupils’ knowledge and experiences, especially through E-Learning. But despite all the challenges, the staff, parents and pupils strive to make this school a haven and become “a home away from home” for the children. The dedication of the staff at this school is truly commendable!

The staff, parents and volunteers, are the driving force to create this “home away from home”. This is  is supported by the Vision and Mission Statements of Blomvlei Primary School:

Vision : “To provide holistic quality education in a challenging society”

Mission : “Blomvlei Primary School is committed to work in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure that individuals receive the best education in a safe, conducive environment.”



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